The College Tour

An inside look at hg皇冠老牌网站


An inside look at the University of Missouri from some of the students, families and alumni who know it best! Explore life as a Tiger as you tour hg皇冠老牌网站’s iconic campus, classrooms, residence halls and research spaces — plus enjoy traditions like the nation’s best Homecoming and SEC game day. It’s a jampacked episode that will get you ready to cheer: I Choose hg皇冠老牌网站!


Student & Alumni Stories

Featured Tigers

Audrey Stowe

Why I Chose hg皇冠老牌网站

Originally hailing from Iowa, Audrey Stowe shares just how easy it was for her to say, “I choose hg皇冠老牌网站!” after visiting campus.

Ashtin & Aris Holman

Welcome Home

Ashtin and Aris Holman go beyond hg皇冠老牌网站’s campus and show us around Columbia, one of America’s best college towns.

Rachel Henderson

The Missouri Method

Broadcast journalist-in-training Rachel Henderson takes us through the hands-on learning opportunities she’s received at hg皇冠老牌网站.

Daniel Rhea

hg皇冠老牌网站 Traditions

Daniel Rhea, a lifelong Tigers fan, explains some of hg皇冠老牌网站’s most cherished traditions.

Mackenna Rodgers

Undergraduate Research

Student researcher Mackenna Rodgers describes the real-world problems she’s been able to tackle as part of one hg皇冠老牌网站’s many research teams.

Kayla Sydnor

Campus & Community Life

Catch up with Chicago transplant Kayla Sydnor as she tells us how she got involved and found friends in hg皇冠老牌网站’s incredible campus community.

Aidan Matlock

Get Involved at hg皇冠老牌网站

For involvement at hg皇冠老牌网站, Aidan Matlock is your guy. Come along to see how he and the Involvement Ambassadors help Tigers find their place on campus.

Olivia Remissong

Housing & Dining at hg皇冠老牌网站

Olivia Remissong introduces us to the exciting opportunities and community that come from living and learning in hg皇冠老牌网站’s residence halls.

Scott Schwartz

Stay Active at hg皇冠老牌网站Rec

Fitness enthusiast and hg皇冠老牌网站 Men’s Basketball manager Scott Schwartz takes us on a tour of hg皇冠老牌网站’s incredible student recreation facilities.

Josh Borgschulte

Always a Tiger

Proud alum Josh Borgschulte shares how hg皇冠老牌网站 set him up for success when he began pursuing his dream career.

Glenn Gilyot

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at hg皇冠老牌网站

Graduate student Glenn Gilyot shares the mentoring opportunities he’s found through hg皇冠老牌网站’s Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.

Elizabeth Trower

MU Spirit & Athletics

Missouri native Elizabeth Trower shares her experiences spreading black and gold spirit as a dedicated Tigers fan and student journalist.

Trillion Chanté

Signature Experience

Armed with a lifelong passion for animals, Trillion Chanté is taking full advantage of everything CAFNR has to offer.

Anna Huebner

Innovative Programs

Digital storytelling major Anna Huebner goes three dimensional to show us the creative experiences she’s been able to pursue at hg皇冠老牌网站.

Michelle Gershkovich

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Fashion-inspired entrepreneur Michelle Gershkovich shares how she has been able to grow her business with hg皇冠老牌网站’s support while attending classes.

Cedric Harris

Engineer a Future You'll Love

Information Technology student Cedric Harris reveals how hg皇冠老牌网站 Engineering has given him the tools and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to thrive in the real world.

Ellie Swan

Health Sciences at hg皇冠老牌网站

Student ambassador Ellie Swan gives us an insider’s look at the College of Health Sciences’ numerous healthcare career options and research opportunities.

Caleb Jared

Creative Experiences

Theater performance major Caleb Jared fills us in on how hg皇冠老牌网站 has helped him pursue his passion for performing while living the ultimate college experience.

Victoria Shore

A Major Built for You

Victoria Shore shares how she’s able to combine her love for theater and music and her aspirations in journalism to customize her college experience in the hg皇冠老牌网站 Honors College.

Claire and Matt Adrian

hg皇冠老牌网站 Families

Alums Claire and Matt Adrian introduce their family of proud fellow Tiger alumni and recount just how much the hg皇冠老牌网站 experience has meant to them.